A Breath of Fresh Air

Thank you for the assistance we have received, it has been like a breath of fresh air to have you and your team work with us!

Janice Lambert (Retired) Richmond Family Place Society

High Caliber Service

The Insurance Brokers Association of B.C. (IBABC) enjoys high caliber services for our whole operating environment, including server, network, and our remote work needs such as laptops, and VPN's and Office 365. IBABC enjoys consistent and informed quality advice from the folks at The Human IT Company, and they have a clear priority for our needs and budget. We have and do recommend The Human IT Company to others and feel they have the scope and experience to meet many diverse organizations’ needs. Why wait? Yes, do your research but let The Human IT Company prove their value to your organization, as they have for IBABC.

Chuck Byrne Insurance Brokers Association of B.C.

We Get Quick Answers

Having our computer security properly managed is a weight off my shoulders, especially knowing that we can get quick answers and advice with a simple phone call. The cybersecurity training has been a great help too and teaches our team some of the threats to look out for in an approachable manner. Thanks, Human IT Company!

Nilda Borrino Marpole Neighbourhood House

Prompt and Effective Service

The Human IT Company’s ability to look ahead and anticipate issues that may arise is a great help to us. The staff know what they are doing and are able to solve any IT issue that arise in a prompt and timely manner. My associates and I would recommend The Human IT Company to other customers as I have been very happy with the level of service.

Ian Kinman Kinman & Associates

Recommend CPG Systems? Absolutely!

After using the services of The Human IT Company for over 7 years, I have no problem in recommending them to anyone. We’ve found the services from CPG Systems to be very reliable, and the team at The Human IT Company are very accessible and very personable. They will always take the time to explain things to me in a manner that I can understand and they to do so in detail. We are treated like family and that goes a very long way when talking about getting help on anything! Thanks for all the hard work in keeping me running all these years

Katherine Ridley Seva Bookkeeping Services

The Human IT Company has our backs

Work with The Human IT Company? Just go for it! As a business, we have many things that can go wrong and cripple our operations, or affect our productivity; from reliable hardware, to software installation, to network maintenance, The Human IT Company knows what downtime means to us. We have the consistency we need, and I know that The Human IT Company has our backs.

Mark Huggan Phantom Couriers

Their Team Will Do What It Takes

The team at The Human IT Company go above and beyond for us here at Pathways Clubhouse. We are a non-profit group so our needs and requirements are different from a regular business. We have budgets that are set out for us and we have to work within those budgets. For a fixed monthly fee they provide us with, not only, 24 hour support but explain what is wrong and what needs fixing in layman’s terms so that we can understand. They are always looking at ways to help save us money and cut some costs. Whether it is the purchase of new equipment or finding software that offers non-profit prices, their team will do whatever it takes to stay within our budget.

Dave McDonald Executive Director
Pathways Clubhouse

Always Professional and Quick to Respond

Working with The Human IT Company is like having our own in house IT team at a fraction of the cost. The staff are always professional and quick to respond, and working with them has been convenient, cost-effective, and consistent. From emergency system issues, to our backup and security system needs to assistance with purchasing hardware they are always ready to help. You won’t regret working with them!

Julie Wells Go Wireless

They Do What We Need Not What Benefits Them

Our experience with The Human IT Company is that they really do care. As a Non-Profit, our needs are a bit different than most organizations; Human IT recognize that, and work with it. They suggested a Non-Profit-friendly platform in Office 365, and they worked hard to make sure that everything was up and running the way we needed.

Allen Smith Executive Director
Intellectual Disabilities Society

I Am Crazy About The Human IT Company

I love that if I am having a problem, I contact you and you are able to remote access into my computer and diagnose the problem right away, explaining it to me in a way that I can understand. I also appreciate that you take the time to research and are always up to date with the latest hardware and software changes not only in the tech world but also for my specific industry; often times before I even know about the changes.

Danielle Turner Velvet Pumpkin Productions